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About MAPSTech

We have good quality products and experienced staff for service after sales, that things make us better choice for you. We are also providing all the solar application products in wholesale. Dealers are also invited from Gujarat. For Solar Water Heater System , Solar Rooftop System, Solar Water Pump, For Commercial, Residential and Industrial Use.

Product Showcase

Our solar products are made up of renewable material that guarantees long life. We are an authorised sales & Service provider of Solar Products Like Solar Water Heater, Solar Rooftop and Solar Water Pump Products in India. We Provide Residential , Industrial, and Commercial Solar Water Heater, Solar Rooftop and Solar Water Pump.

About Solar Power

Off-grid solar power plant is most versatile energy product that gives complete energy independence to the consumer. With Our Solar standalone power plant, the customer can have access to power all the time and will not suffer from scheduled or unscheduled power cuts. The customer does not have to depend upon diesel generators during load shedding hours.

Renewable sources of energy are our future. These are the resources we can rely upon for generations to come.


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